1. “Insanity” footswitch to toggle between fuzz or octavia fuzz

  2. Internal 9v battery and external 9v power adaptor jack

  3. 100% true bypass

  4. Glossy white powder coated aluminum enclosure

  5. Hand-applied decals under a durable, glossy acrylic clear coat

  6. Hand-made in a one-man shop in the USA

  7. Enclosure Size: 3 5/8” x 4 5/8” x 1 1/4”

Based on my Hazy Fuzz Experience - the first pedal I brought to market back in 2008 - The Crazy Eight™ is an out-of-control fuzz and octavia that will put a “haze” over your tone like no other. With a separate switch for an octave-up octavia tone, the sonic combinations for fuzz insanity are almost limitless. The Crazy Eight™ also works beautifully as a solo enhancer and booster to help you cut through the mix and really take people’s heads off.

Crazy Eight Videos

Octavia Fuzz

Crazy Eight - Discontinued

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Crazy Eight Video Demo - Guitar

Ian Crawford’s Hazy Fuzz Experience Video Demo

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